We are located in
Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, China, Hong Kong

Fairs & Exhibitions

Fairs & Exhibitions Logistics is a special division of TEU S.A, with logistics experts worldwide , highly experienced in providing a full range of specific services to event organizers and exhibitors. Our dedicated Team provide tailor -made transport /on site logistics solutions that are suitable to the most challenging projects.

We organize on-schedule logistics by sea freight / air freight / road. We are on the spot personally for you and ensure on-schedule delivery at the right location. We have the fitting solution / the fitting equipment for your requirements.

  • Logistics support for organizers and exhibitors.
  • On-time delivery with goods in perfect condition.
  • Consulting, management, promotional materials handling, temporary office set-up, storage and repacking.
  • Facilitating global rollouts, multi-market tours, simultaneous product launches and major presentations.
  • Support for musicals, concerts and plays.
  • Customs clearance, storage and transport, event insurance, unpacking, positioning and installation
  • Expert handling of fragile, valuable pieces moving to parks, hotels, museums, galleries and private collections.
  • Project management, installation, climate-controlled warehousing, air ride transport, packing and crating.
  • Security for priceless works of art, as well as insurance and temporary import/export clearance.
  • Support for stand contractors shipping booths overseas.
  • Consulting and planning, transportation of stand fittings to/from site, storage.
  • Onsite un-stuffing and re-stuffing of containers, as well as disposal services.