We are located in
Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, China

Industrial & Manufacturing

TEU S.A is a major player/logistics provider in metal-working, chemical and industrial equipment industries, offering competitive door-to-door solutions

We support manufacturers of all sizes with custom solutions and fresh ideas. And world leading brands with large scale unparalleled excellence in execution.

Whatever the size of your operation, TEU Experts Team  focuses in your needs– helping your company continuously improve efficiency, cost effectiveness and service agility, while delivering to promise. Based on our industrial expertise, we manage your overall supply chain from plant supply to the distribution to your sites and the management of your industrial projects (machines, building materials, electric transformers...)

Following are just some of the services provided throughout our network: 

  • On-site logistics
  • Preassembly and module assembly
  • Production disposal
  • Spare parts logistics
  • Conventional rail transport
  • Multimodal transport
  • Cross-docking, consolidation
  • Reusable packaging management
  • Storage, post-production operations
  • Sequenced and scheduled deliveries to the assembly line
  • Optimisation and management of your customs operations