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Special Transports / Project Handling

We can handle the transport of goods with dimensions exceeding the usual using special equipment (Open Top Containers / Flat Rack Containers - special trucks) tailored to the specific needs of each commodity, always with safety and competitive cost. Ask our expert staff to advise you on what is required to transport your goods.

Furthermore, TEU S.A. has repeatedly demonstrated that can undertake complete transport projects (i.e. transport of materials for construction sites, moving entire factories) with consistency, security and reliability. 

There are many factors to be considered when handling oversized shipments. This is why only logistics companies that have all the expertise in project cargo, such as TEU SA , are able to ensure a successful transportation of high value and critical items.

Project cargo requires special attention during the entire process, careful assessment and detailed planning of operations, seeing as the costs involved in the damage or loss for this kind of shipping can be very large,. This is why it is so important that logistics companies offering this service take all precautions to provide an effective solution, which will attend your project needs..

In order to ensure that, when seeking for a project logistics provider, consider factors such as financial stability, proper insurance and wide experience handling cargo projects, like TEU S.A has..

Oversized cargoes come in many different shapes and size, varying from heavy-lift, break-bull cargo and out-of-gauge, for example. The category of transportation applied to each one of these is based on what kind of product you are transporting.

Project cargo require clear positioning and stowage. Therefore, it is important to ensure you chose the right kind of vessel to transport your cargo and that all units in the stow can be properly secured. Consider the following aspects:

To protect the cargo from risk of damage, it must be supplied with appropriate lifting and securing points, especially when it comes to large and heavy items.

Regardless of its size, the cargo unit should always be carefully packed and covered fir its voyage to protect it from impact and corrosion. The cargo should be inspected at loading and any damage recorded and noted.

Every load must be accompanied by standard documentation, including information about what the cargo is, weight of cargo unit, its dimensions, center of gravity and safety details. Providing appropriate and accurate information is essential to ensure safe transportation.

Over the years, TEU SA have managed several high-value project cargoes, offering our customers world-class Project Cargo Services at minimum costs. Regardless of your shipping destination, our team is ready to handle it with innovative solutions as well as technical engineering services to manage the project completely from start to finish and ensuring timely delivery of your valuable goods.