We are located in
Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, China, Hong Kong

Government, Aid & Relief

TEU SA has a passion and dedication to provide exceptional services with the aim of bringing relief to those in need. 

Our mission is to support populations in distress by delivering relief cargo securely and on time. TEU SA  has a dedicated team of experts that operate under challenging conditions; conflicts, past conflict territories, and areas struck by natural disaster or famine.

•    Air Charter Services - When a disaster strikes, the most immediate means of relief is air charter. TEU SA has the capacity to respond to any logistical challenge.  We offer a worldwide customized cargo aircraft chartering solution for all types of relief cargo and demands.

•    Sea Charter Services - Client-oriented in chartering solutions either on part cargo basis or full charter, using modern multipurpose tonnage or RO/LO vessel for own wheels equipment or Contingent Own Equipment U.N.

•    Our warehouses are equipped with the latest technology, licensed to operate under Custom/A.E.O. Capable of stocking reserves of emergency relief supplies, both dry and under temperature controlled.

•    Multimodal - Sea/Air/Road Services - Tailored made solutions for any remote destination and customer needs.