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Intergrated Management Systems Policy

    TEU GROUP of companies has as its main strategic objective to ensure the provision of high-quality Freight Forwarding Services services in the following sectors:


    • Waterage
    • Solutions depending on the type of cargo
    • Maritime Divisional Transport
    • LCL Transport (Groupage)
    • International Road Transport
    • Integrated Transport Solutions
    • Air Transport 
    • Customs Clearance Services
    • Transportation Insurance Services
    • Distribution and logistics services
    • Integrated 3PL Services
    • Special Transfers 
    • Project Handling, 


    The Group's mission is to provide high-quality services:


    1. developing a sustainable environment that enhances and protects diversity, equality, and employee development by providing, among other things, equal opportunities, incentives, remuneration that ensures dignity, health, and safety at work,
    2. providing our services without disturbing societies and the environment, effectively and intelligently managing energy and greenhouse emissions, 
    3. Contributing with our actions to local communities, the environment, and vulnerable groups, always with integrity, social responsibility, independence, dignity and reliability, accountability, and humanity.


    TEU GROUP has incorporated the principles of Social Responsibility into its activities and operations, recognizing that these principles are a prerequisite for its long-term development.


    The effective governance of TEU GROUP is based on the integration of the principles of social responsibility, their decision-making, and implementation. For the implementation of the above, TEU GROUP has adopted as an umbrella the requirements of a Social Responsibility System by the International Standard ISO 26000:2010, under which it satisfies the principles of accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, respect for the interests of stakeholders, respect for the rule of law, respect for international norms of conduct and respect for human rights through its actions.


    • For quality management regarding the functions of its services (administrative, technical, financial), TEU GROUP implements and complies with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001: 2015.
    • For personal data protection, the Group applies the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 679/16) and the national legislation on protecting personal data as in force each time.
    • The environmental management of TEU GROUP is ensured by implementing the provisions of the International Standard ISO 14001:2015.
    • Safety and Health at Work management is ensured by applying the relevant national legislation and the provisions of the International Standard ISO 45001: 2018.
    • Information security management is ensured by applying the International Standard ISO 27001:2013 provisions.


    The above structure a robust and unbreakable framework of support, control, and management of the TEU GROUP Social Responsibility System


    The main issues of TEU GROUP's Sustainable Development are the care for the health and safety of employees, the respect and protection of the environment, the integrated coverage of the expectations and needs of stakeholders, and the harmonious coexistence with the local communities in which it operates.


    This Policy is by TEU GROUP's values, the principles of International Law, responsibility, integrity, and transparency. The Policy is determined by the Group's Management, which is committed to the following:


    • the implementation of the Policy at all levels and areas of activity of the Group,
    • strict compliance with applicable legislation and full implementation of standards, policies, internal guidelines, and relevant procedures applied by TEU GROUP, as well as other requirements arising from voluntary agreements signed and accepted by the Group,
    • open, two-way communication with its stakeholders to identify and record their needs and expectations,
    • providing a healthy and safe working environment for human resources, partners, and every visitor,
    • the protection of human rights and the provision of a working environment of equal opportunities without any discrimination;
    • the continuous effort to reduce the environmental footprint through the implementation of responsible actions and prevention measures by Best Available Practices,
    • cooperation and support of society, for TEU GROUP to contribute to the support of local communities and organizations,
    • the constant pursuit of adding value.


    To fulfill the above commitments, TEU GROUP, voluntarily, plans and implements relevant actions while setting strategic priorities, which focus on the following axes of Sustainable Development:


    • Economic Development and Corporate Governance. TEU GROUP aims to achieve positive financial results, implements a good corporate governance system, and evaluates and manages business risks to safeguard the company's and society's interests. It develops procedures and takes measures to enhance transparency and prevent and combat corruption.
    • Human Resources – Health and Safety at Work: TEU GROUP respects and supports internationally recognized human rights and implements policies of fair reward, meritocracy, and equal opportunities for all its human resources, without any discrimination respecting diversity. At the same time, it offers opportunities for development through continuous education. Care to provide a healthy and safe working environment is of great importance.
    • Environment: In environmental management, the precautionary principle is applied through actions to minimize the Group's environmental footprint. TEU GROUP operates respecting the principles of circular economy, ensuring optimal management of natural resources, promoting recycling, energy management, managing greenhouse emissions, and following disposal practices of discarded materials, considering the philosophy of "circularity."
    • Society: TEU GROUP stands by society and responds sensitively to issues that concern it, having developed a close relationship based on cooperation and volunteerism. TEU GROUP participates in actions aimed at supporting society, issues of equality, sustainability, support of vulnerable groups, health, environment, and culture. It encourages volunteering and supports initiatives for the sustainable development of society.


    For all the above main issues, TEU GROUP sets individual Social Responsibility goals, which it evaluates annually in terms of effectiveness and revises them when necessary. Analytically:


    For TEU GROUP's Management and staff, it is a key pillar of development for all its business activities to satisfy:

    • promptly and under the specified specifications and the requirements of its customers in products and services,
    • legislative and other requirements for Environmental Protection,
    • legislative and other requirements for Health and Safety at Work,
    • the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information of TEU GROUP and its suppliers and partners.


    For the implementation of the above, TEU GROUP:

    • developed, maintained, and continuously improves an Integrated Management System for Quality – Environment – Health and Safety at Work – Information Security, and Social Responsibility under the International Standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018, ISO 27001: 2013 and ISO 26000: 2010, which it applies for all its business activities,
    • identify and evaluate the needs and expectations of its stakeholders and their level of influence on its business operations;
    • promotes the development and continuous improvement of a quality culture,
    • fully complies with the existing National, European, and International legislative requirements of its field of activity,
    • sets objectives and improvement targets for Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety, Information Security, and Social Responsibility, which it reassesses regularly in terms of their degree of achievement in the context of the Management Review of the Integrated Management System,
    • clearly define the responsibilities and responsibilities for each process and each job,
    • provides sufficient resources for the effective operation of itself and the Integrated Management System,
    • identify, evaluate, and take appropriate measures to address risks and exploit opportunities at every stage of its business activities;
    • evaluates suppliers and partners to ensure the quality of its products and services,
    • protects the information of its employees, suppliers, and partners from unauthorized access.
    • promotes the development of its staff through the provision of training on issues of Quality, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety, and Information Security and the systematic dissemination of knowledge,
    • develops communication channels to inform and detect the satisfaction of its customers and other stakeholders.


    In the context of the practices as mentioned above, TEU GROUP is committed to the following:

    • for the active participation of the Group's Top Management in achieving the objectives and targets for Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, and Information Security,
    • for the continuous improvement of its services with the ultimate goal of enhancing customer satisfaction,
    • creating a safe, friendly, and free-from-prejudice and discrimination working environment,
    • for the continuous improvement of the Group's performance in the areas of Quality, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Information Security through the implementation of internationally recognized good practices,
    • for the continuous improvement of the Group's Integrated Management System.


    To ensure the control of the objectives as mentioned above and commitments, TEU GROUP implements the following:

    • clear definition of responsibilities and responsibilities for each process and for each job,
    • written documentation of the way the work is carried out (Procedures, Work Instructions, Control Instructions, etc.), where necessary,
    • identification of incoming and outgoing information;
    • continuous monitoring of the applied processes,
    • maintaining documented information demonstrating TEU GROUP's accountability regarding Quality of Service, Adherence to Environmental Requirements, Occupational Health and Safety, and Information Security;
    • elaboration of programs to achieve the objectives and targets.
    • conducting on a regular and ad hoc basis when required Internal Audits and Management Reviews;
    • process to systematically address discrepancies (Corrective Actions) and to continuously improve operations, as well as the creation of a framework for the prevention of errors (Preventive Actions).


    The Policy, the results of performance under the umbrella of social responsibility, as well as the implementation of actions and the achievement of objectives, are monitored by the Social Responsibility Committee and published annually to inform all interested parties.


    This Policy is periodically reviewed as part of the Integrated Management System Management Review.


    Failure to follow this Policy creates legal and non-legal consequences.


    TEU GROUP's Integrated Management System Policy is made public and disseminated to its involved members so that they all assume their responsibility. 


    TEU GROUP communicates this Policy at national and international events and in meetings with professional, research, social, environmental, and cultural institutions.


    This policy is applied by all companies of the Group, which in turn are committed to implement the provisions therein and to enhance their accountability and that of the Group.


    Specified Policies regarding, quality, health and safety, energy and enviroment management and information security are available to interest parties upon request.


    This Policy is always available to interested parties.


    Version :R1 | Date of revision: 09/10/2022