We are located in
Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, China

Marble Industry Logistics

TEU S.A. is proud to hold the largest share in the international transport of marble in Greek market, pledging to carry out all the related to the marble-transport processes; from the quarry to container stuffing and tying processes up to the port, customs clearance, sea /air /land transport and delivery to the customer's door . Our experience and volume of shipments guarantee the reliable transport of your products, always tailored to your needs and at the lowest cost.

Since 2004 we have been organizing import and export loadings of the biggest marble quarries /traders to China, India, Southeast Asian Countries, Middle East /Meditteranean and America .

Our marble expert network is situated in the main areas of origins of your material. We carry your marbles shipments from: 

Argentina/Australia/Austria/Brazil/Bulgaria/China/Croatia/Cuba Belgium/Cyprus/Egypt/Ethiopia/France/Fyrom/Germany/Greece Guatemala/India/Iran/Ireland/Italy/Morocco/Norway/PakistanPortugal/Spain/Turkey.

With our own TEU SA Xiamen office we can provide to our clients smooth deliveries, costum clearance /door delivery services .