We are located in
Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, China

Customs Brokerage Services

In order to provide integrated transport services, we are able to arrange customs formalities for both import and export shipments. Furthermore we can arrange the lift-off and the customs formalities of in transit cargo to and from the Balkan countries.

  • Fast completion of customs procedures for import / export
  • Easier access to customs simplifications
  • Fewer physical and documentary inspections
  • Priority in treatment of consignments if selected for a physical inspection
  • Increased processing speed
  • Reduced cost
  • Improved cash flow
  • High level of service 

►AEO Accredited services on link with customs
►ISO certified (ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004)
►Imports customs clearance
►Exports customs clearance
►Cargo of particular fiscal status
►IMO & ADR classified cargo
►Transit customs formalities (in and out)
►Port clearance for EU cargo (T2)
►Overseas cargo in transit to Greece (T1)
►Customs clearance documentation (EU, overseas)
►Calculation of taxes, duties and costs on internded operations
►Consulting customers